Smoky Mountain Growlers is a Premium Brand for 
The rugged & fierce consumer who appreciates quality.

We offer a fierce approach to durability, freshness, and longevity in beverage containers. Our customers are smart and courageous. They don't just live life; they conquer it! Our brand is rugged & fierce, just like our customers. Drinking from Smoky Mountain Growlers is like an oasis in the desert; the refreshment you need inspiring you to conquer life. We promise to inspire you to never settle for lukewarm. We stand beside and support you as you set out to conquer life daily. We've got your back when you look failure in the face and say, "Not today!"

A small business with a big dream to produce drinkware customers could use for life!

How we started 
Smoky Mountain Growlers was founded by husband and wife Rick and Christin Disler. As small business owners they continue to run daily operations in East Tennessee. Rick gave up his 20+ year career as an engineer to start the design process and search America for a manufacturer to produce this new line of drinkware. 

Our Manufacturing 
After months of talking to just about every stainless steel manufacturer from the east to west coast Rick and Christin came to the stark realization that the drinkware itself had to be manufactured in China. Still today not a single double wall vacuum insulated piece of drinkware by any company is manufactured in the USA. A sad story we hope to change one day. 

Believing in America 
Although the stainless vessels are manufactured in China we work hard to source and use as many quality USA products in our process as possible. 75% of all powder coating and printing is done with US materials and labor in the USA, moving to 100% in 2018. 100% of Cerakote and Engraving is done with US materials and labor in the USA. This makes our products a little more expensive than the competition but we believe  it's worth the investment in our country and it's future. 

In conclusion 
Believing in the product and having a strong desire to provide America with high quality hygienic drinkware Rick and Christin not only invested their life savings including 401k and years of company held stock but hope you see the value in paying a little more for a responsibly sourced and developed product keeping toxins out of your beverages and plastics out of our landfills.

Keep Growlin’ Friends!