Smoky Mountain Growlers
  • Elements Tumbler Collection

    Type in the element you'd like engraved - all elements will be shown in the element square according to the element table


    Embrace your inner science geek with the Elements Collection 

    • Double Wall 18/8 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel 
    • Vacuum Insulated with an extra layer of Copper inside for extra long temperature control
    • Non Sweating Surface keeps your hands and surfaces dry
    • Fits in cupholders making it easy to take with you
    • Durable Non BPA plastic Peekaboo Smart Lid prevents splashing 
    • Fits in all cupholders

    You'll quickly fall in love with these Twisted Tumblers. You won't want to drink out of anything else. Perfect for Coffee, Tea, Water, Milk, Beer, and anything else you want to keep Fresh, Hot, or Cold.