Smoky Mountain Growlers
  • Smoky Sampler 4 Pack

    $174.99 $154.99

    The Smoky Sampler 

    Extreme Temperature Control - COLD up to 72 hrs or HOT up to 24 hrs

    Large Wide-Mouth opening - easy to fill, drink, and clean

    100% Recyclable; Eco-Friendly

    18/8 Kitchen Grade Stainless Steel

    Durable Non Plastic bottle & lid BPA-Free & Non porous

    The perfect indoor / outdoor water bottle, beer growler, or hot drink thermos that floats

    Available in Translucent Powder Coated Colors - allow an extra 3-5 days for processing

    One each of the following in the same color 

    64 ounces

     Recommended to get a full days supply of water, this is also known as the Growler in the beer world perfect for filling at your local pub. 

    40 ounces

    Fits in most oversized car cup holders and is best known for staying hydrated on long hikes or while playing sports. 

    32 ounces 

    Fits in most oversized car cup holders and is affectionally called the Growlette in the beer world, perfect for visiting the pub or at the gym. 

    18 ounces

     Fits in all cup holders and is the perfect morning coffee companion or used for those sipping throughout the day, in fact many people buy this one with the 64oz to use as their drinking cup and continuously refill throughout the day or night. 

    See FAQ page for maximum temperature control by size and priming instructions 

    MARCH 2017 


    Examples of Translucent Powder Coated colors